Is It Time To “Fire” Some Customers?

One of the most annoying platitudes in all of business is “the customer is always right”. Who are you kidding?

Here’s where that old trope gets it wrong

Any business that automatically stands on the side of the customer instead of their own employees is going to be a very unhappy place to work. While it is true that without customers, there is no business, it is also true that with only demanding, entitled and arrogant customers, there is no need for the business.

Want a happy workplace?  You can start here

A happy company exists first for its employees and second for its customers. Employees who feel valued, who feel secure and who feel empowered will find a way to see to it that the customers are happy without the loss of face, the surrendering of dignity or the lack of self worth that comes from always putting the customer first, regardless of how unreasonable they are.

If you can have confidence that by empowering employees to meet reasonable expectations from your customers, then they will soon believe that exceeding those expectations will keep the customer coming back.

If this describes a customer, it’s time to let them go

If the customer is unreasonable, has unrealistic expectations or thinks that they own you because you want their money, they you need to fire them. There is somebody else ready to take their place.
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