Tape For Social Distancing

Social distancing adhesive-backed sign

There are a lot of custom products on the market for marking social distancing spacing, most based on tape.  While these can be useful, they are also very expensive, primarily because of the printing process.

Use of standard cloth (gaffers), vinyl and paper tape can get the job done using products you probably already have.

Since gaffers tape is designed to be walked on (danced on?) on stages, sets and dance floors, it is the sort of durable product you need if your social distancing markings are going to be walked on.  It is hand tearable, so you can use any length, and its availability in 20 colors and five widths make it adaptable for multiple uses.

Pre-printed adhesive-backed signs-These high visibility signs are printed on six inch wide neon yellow gaffers tape.  They read “PLEASE STAY 6 FEET APART” in bold black lettering

Half inch gaffers tape-also known as spike tape-is useful for creating multiple color coded zones.  It is also very useful for creating six foot square “blocks” in performance, rehearsal and dance spaces.

Inch wide gaffers tape is great for laying out areas where people stand in line.  “Ladders” laid out on the floor with parallel lines six feet apart make sociall distancing spacing easy to follow.

Use of multiple colors let employers, teachers and other in administrative positions easily point out what zones are considered safe for different activities.

In situations where heavy foot traffic is not placed on the tape, vinyl tapes and even paper tapes can get the job done at lower cost.

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