What Our Customers Say

We’ve got the best customers anywhere and nothing makes our day like getting a kind word from one of them.

Here’s a small sample of what we have recently heard.

Thank you very much for your prompt attention to my request.  I really appreciate it and am very impressed with the effort your company makes to satisfy its customers all around. 

First off, I want to say that I really enjoyed reading the history about
“gaffers”, “grips”, etc.!  It was great learning the backgrounds and parts
they played, and play today.

A company that actually answers the phone. That’s fresh!

I can’t believe how fast our order arrived. We just ordered yesterday afternoon!

” We received the order next day and everything looks great, thank you!! “

Again thank you for the quick response and for being the best in the business. You are the only tape supplier I like to use.

“great prices, great people, and I swear they ship your orders before you place it…ultra quick shipping!!

“Found this through AdWords one day. Bought two orders so far. Very happy with pricing and quality.”

www.thetapeworks.com has the best price on ProGaff I have ever found…”

“Five Stars. We love your fast shipping!