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Gaffers Tape vs Duct Tape!

It’s The Pro Gaff Punisher vs The Duct Tape Demon in a TapeTastic Brawl, y’all! TheTapeworks.com is in your corner supplying you with The Greatest Tape & Production Expendables of All Time.  Get Ready to Rumble with Pro Gaff vs Duct Tape!

Gaffers Tape Features

Gaffers Tape is the “King of Tapes”. Pro Gaff and Shurtape gaffers tape is available in 19 different colors and 4 widths. Gaffers tape is true cotton cloth tape with a matte finish and synthetic adhesive that holds strong but comes up clean. Gaffers tape is durable, waterproof and can be torn by hand.
TheTapeworks.com offers gaffers tape at the best prices available. Order today and we ship today!

How To Remove Gym Floor Tape

Gym floor tapes are for temporary marking of gym floors and are great for laying out volleyball courts in basketball gyms. Shurtape P724 is a premium kraft paper tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive. It is one of the few tapes that can safely be used on wooden gym floors for temporary marking, if the floor is in good condition, causing no surface damage and leaving no adhesive residue when removed. Shurtape P724 can also be used on tile and synthetic surfaces. Shop for gym floor tape in 7 different colors.

Gaffers Tape in 19 Colors

TheTapeworks.com Is Your Source For Pro Gaff Tape In 19 Colors

Wire Tie Tips

Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Works With Nylon Wire Ties

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