Local Pickup? No Problem

Harrison Bros Inc. Building

We love having a chance to meet our customers, and since we are in a location with lots of colleges, schools and arts organizations, we have customer pick up their orders every day.

Maybe you need it really quickly, want to save on shipping, are “in the neighborhood”, or want to save a little on shipping, local pickup works great for us.

You can even complete an online order, let us know when you want it, and it will be ready for you to pick up. You can even make payment online when you make the order and you’ll be in and out in a flash.

When placing an order at TheTapeworks.com, just choose “Local Pickup” as your shipping option and you will not be charged for shipping.

There’s a notes field where you can tell us when you’d like to drop by and where you can give us other details about how your order needs to be filled.

If you are in a truck, there is always space at our loading dock.

Click here for a map and directions to our location.

Voice 866-386-8335
Fax 800-327-6651
Email sales@harrisonbros.com

Harrison Bros. Inc.
47 North Chatham Pkwy.
Chapel Hill, NC 27517