Permacel Gaffers Tape?

Girls Using Permacel Gaffers Tape From

Girls Using Permacel Gaffers Tape From TheTapeworks.comWhatever happened to Permacel gaffers tape?

Anybody who has been involved in entertainment and audio visual production for more than ten years remembers Permacel as being the “go to” brand when it came to gaffers tape. All others were pretenders to the throne.

Hands-on techs knew that they could count on Permacel 665 and Permacel 672 to consistently perform at the highest level.

Permacel, originally a brand of Johnson and Johnson, was created to give J&J an entre into a quickly growing industrial tape market.

Today, the Permcel gaffers tape product line is owned by Shurtape and is marketed under the Shurtape Artists and Entertainment (brand).

It still features the kind of performance that made Permacel the brand that always got the job done.

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