Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my order be in stock?
Over 95% of the items you find on these pages are in stock all the time. Most orders ship complete the same day they are received. If your order can’t ship complete, you will be contacted and given an estimated ship date. It may occasionally be necessary to substitute a technically identical but different brand name product to complete your order. In the unlikely event that that is necessary, you will have a chance to approve the substitution, wait for the exact item or receive a full refund.
2. What if a product I order doesn’t meet my needs?
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If it fails to meet your expectations in any way, we will cheerfully replace the item or refund your money.
3. When will my order arrive?
Most orders are shipped via UPS ground. We will e-mail you a tracking number and instructions so that you can track your shipment online. You can check shipping time from Chapel Hill, North Carolina by clicking here.
4. Do you accept special orders?
We are happy to special order any products that are offered by the manufacturers we represent. Orders for non-stock items are subject to the manufacturers production schedules and usually require ordering a full case of the product.
5. Do I have to place my order over the internet?
If you would prefer, you are welcome to place your order by toll-free fax or toll-free phone. Phone orders are accepted from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST and faxed orders are welcome any time. Minimum order amounts apply to phone orders.
6. Can you help me locate a hard-to-find product?
Our technicians have been involved in using the products we sell for the last 20 years. We use what we sell every day and are constantly looking for new “problem solvers”. Let us know what you need.
7. What forms of payment do you accept
We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal
8. Can I use a Purchase Order Number and set up an open account?
Yes, you can purchase with your PO numbers after you  establish an open account with us.
9. Can I use place an internet order if I am sales tax exempt?
Once you create an account we can designate that account as being NC sales tax exempt and you will not be charged sales tax when you checkout.
After creating a account, please contact us so that we can designate your account as being sales tax exempt.
In order to complete this process, we will need a copy of your North Carolina Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate.  You can fax that to us at 800-327-6651 or email a copy of the completed form to shopping cart is not able to provide exemption from NC Sales Tax, but we can generate refunds on tax exempt purchases.  
If you are charged tax on an exempt sale, please give us a call to get your refund and to have your account status changed to tax exempt.  In order to do this, we will need your North Carolina Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate.
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