Doing A Trade Show? Make Sure Your Display Passes “The Duct Tape Test”

roll of silver duct tape

I edit another blog (product specific) called  It is focused on products used to produce trade shows.

Recently I came across a trade show concept called “The Duct Tape Test“.  Obviously, any trade show idea that is focused on tape is going to catch my attention.  Turns out, “The Duct Tape Test” has nothing to do with  tape.

Tape As An “Idea”, Not As A Product

The idea of this test is for evaluating trade show displays, but it is relevant to almost any type of presentation, even those that are not primarily graphic content.

It works like this

In order for a trade show (or any) display to pass the duct tape test, it must be able to get your idea across even if you had your mouth covered with duct tape.   If your display can’t  get your ideas across without your explaining or elaborating, it has failed the test.

Next time you want to present an idea through a graphical presentation, make sure it can pass the “Duct Tape Test”.
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