Why is 5% The Magic Number?

5% discount from thetapeworks.com

We like discounts. Who doesn’t ?

Many years ago we started offering a 5% discount on orders that roughly matched the cost of a case of gaffers tape. Get a whole case and get 5% off.

The discount was based on the cost of gaffers tape, but applied to any mix of products. The cost of a roll of gaffers tape has increased several times since then, but the discount has remained the same in order to insure that if you got a case of tape you got the discount.

What we did not realize at the time was how often that 5% savings roughly matched up to the shipping cost. That was not our intention, but it had a nice synergy of its own.

Obviously that does not apply to every order, since the cost of shipping to a North Carolina address is much less than an address in Arizona, but on average it has continued to be true.

Yes, we do not offer free shipping, but if you place a $300 (or more) order then you might just get “free” shipping anyway.

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