We’re Not Saying It’s counterfeit, But…..

Counterfeits are a big problem, especially in e-commerce. Items manufactured in China and branded with designer labels lead to billions in lost sales for legitimate manufacturers.

“Fake” gaffers tape may not actually be counterfeit, but once you’ve bought a roll of it off of Ebay or Alibaba, you might be tempted to call it that.

Tape that is sold as gaffers tape but that is not made with woven cotton cloth is not real gaffers tape. If it is sold that way, then it is similar to other counterfeit goods.

Tape that has a low quality organic adhesive may not be fake tape, but after you finish cleaning the adhesive residue off your cables and your stage floor, you can be forgiven if you feel like you have been sold a fake.

There are lots of tapes that look like gaffers tape and which perform a lot of the tasks that gaffers tape is used for are out there. If you want to make sure you get the real thing, stick with well known manufacturers names and make your purchase from trusted vendors.

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