Do You Really Need It Tomorrow?

In general, we applaud Amazon’s march towards next day delivery. We use Amazon almost every day, and, for the most part, we think that they do a great job. We even have a new Amazon fulfillment center in our community, along with the 1500 jobs it brings.

Still, we know that shipping isn’t really free, and we know that next day delivery is going to cost even more.

You can get a case of gaffers tape from us, through Amazon with “free” shipping. It will cost you $395.76, no matter where you live in the country. Even if you are not an Amazon Prime member, you’ll still get it in two to three days.

You can get that case for a lot less, quite often just as quickly if you order direct.

An order placed directly at shipped to Kansas City, MO. will also arrive in three days, but will only cost you $356.02.

The same case shipped to New York City will arrive in two days and cost $351.09 and you’ll get it in two days.

Order today from Raleigh, NC and your shipment will arrive tomorrow at a cost of $345.68.

Instead of free shipping, your invoice will show the true shipping cost via UPS ground and you can easily compare your savings to what you’d pay at Amazon.
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