“Alien Ears” Ruining Your Photos?

alien ears

How many times have you had an otherwise good photo portrait ruined because your subjects ears glowed like something from Star Trek?

This is caused by having a light source behind your subject’s head that illuminates the backs of their ears.  Since this tissue is very thin and translucent, the ears appear to glow.  In extreme cases they can even look like they are separate from the head.

If you’re good with Photoshop or some other photo editing software, they you can “fix it in the mix”.

A simpler, quicker, and fool proof fix is to affix small pieces of gaffers tape to the backs of the subjects ears before shooting.  This will allow you to have a strong light source from behind, but now the ears won’t glow.

Gaffers tape is safe for short term skin exposure and can be removed without leaving sticky residue behind.

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