Need Quick Drying Paint? Try Gaffers Tape!

Last minute touch up painting on a stage or set can be a big problem. Being forced to take the time for paint to dry can bring an entire production to a screeching halt.

Using a hair dryer to dry paint can lead to blistering and discoloration and waiting for something to air dry so that it can be touched can seem like it takes an eternity.

Gaffers tape to the rescue?

Think of the twenty available colors of gaffers tape as “dry paint”. You can quickly cover an area needing paint with tape and it can be instantly handled. Color matching is easy and gaffers tape can be cut to whatever size you need to complete the repair.

Once your work is finished, the tape can be removed without damaging the underlying surface or leaving messy adhesive residue.

Oh, and I almost forgot “no messy brushes to clean“! is your “go to” site for gaffers tape, ProCell batteries, tie line, extension cords and lots more “satisfaction guaranteed” production expendables.
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