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I spend several hours a day reading, and the bulk of my time is spent with technical journals. It amazes me how willing publishers of magazines  oriented towards the entertainment production and audio visual industries are to underwrite the publication of dozens of really valuable journals. How can they do this? First of all,  advertisers like Duracell and Pro Tapes pay for these advertisements, not you!

Maybe other industries use this method, but this is the only one I am familiar with. As a result, these magazines are filled with dozens of really useful articles, and, many times, the advertising is filled with good info as well.

I use these journals regularly to find new products for our catalog.  Similarly, its also really great to come across articles about our customers. I even saw one of our products in a photo accompanying a story about the NFL Playoffs.

Here’s How To Get Your Hands On This Great Info

Any student or hobbyist in sound, lighting or theater tech can easily begin receiving these journals by simply making up a business name.

As a result, the magazines base their ad rates on the number of subscribers, so they are happy to add you to their subscriber list. They rarely do much to insure that you are a legitimate business with a large purchasing budget.  Similarly, they recognize that even students and part timers can drive purchasing decisions.

Journals like Pro Sound News, Sound & Video Contractor , Live Sound International, Church Production, and FOH Magazine are yours for the asking. Above all, they have great columns, handy “how to” articles, and honest equipment reviews. The photo quality is first good and the editorial content, while advertiser driven, is still useful. Above all, most of the writing is first rate.

Interested? Sign up for regular subscriptions at any of the publication web sites in this article. For instance, take a look at Pro Sound News and FOH Magazine.  In conclusion, this is definitely worth your time.

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