Will Amazon Offer This Game Changer?

At the first of the year, just like at the beginning of every year, UPS rolls out a 5% price increase. They donn’t care what the cost of fuel is, how much business you do with them, or what the competition may be up to.

Fist of the year-5%!

We’ve noticed that more and more items are arriving on our loading dock in Amazon vans. The percentage of our incoming deliveries that Amazon makes seems to increase every week.

That means that the number of items from Amazon delivered by UPS decreases a comparable amount.

If Amazon delivers to us near the end of the day, those vans are usually pretty empty.

How much longer will it be before Amazon decides that they would like to fill those empty vans with packages that we currently ship via UPS.

My prediction is that it will happen soon.

Amazon is already showing up at just about every business address in the company every day, so why bring those vans in empty at the end of the day.

We’d love to see some serious competition for UPS and Amazon may be just the company to do it.

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