Why Does Glow Tape Glow?

Glow Tape From The Tapeworks.com

Glow tape uses SPOT-LITE glow film, a non-radioactive chemical light source incorporated into a flexible vinyl film.

This chemical light source is designed to absorb energy from any ambient light source-including sunlight, incandescent light, and fluorescent lamps. Once the light source is removed, SPOT-LITE glow film emits a light of its own.

As little as 3-10 seconds of exposure to light is enough to excite this chemical reaction, and there is no limit to the number of times the product can be recharged.

While it is true that 80-85 percent of the glow factor is depleted within one half hour of exposure, the ability of the human eye to adjust for this brightness depletion means that glow tape may remain visible for up to eight hours to the eyes of a person whose sight has been completely “dark adapted”.

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