Why Buy Tape Online?

Since beginning online sales in 1998, Harrison Bros. has found the internet to be a great way to deliver expendable products in a simple and efficient manner; first with buytape.com and now with thetapeworks.com.

Our product line is well suited for online purchases, assuring you that the products you buy will be just like the name brand supplies you have been purchasing in the past.

Theatre techs and special event producers are busy and they quite often don’t keep convetional hours.  The ability to purchase gaffers tape and other tape products online 24/7 allows them the flexibility to replenish expendable stocks at a time most convenient for them.

We use all industry standard sizes and only represent those name brands known and trusted by the entertainment and audio-visual production industries for years. We do not sell “seconds”, factory rejects, or “off” brands. The products you find on these pages are almost always in stock, and they represent what we have been selling to your industries since 1986. Filling and shipping orders the same day they are placed is something we have been doing for 25 years, and it is something we look forward to doing for you. Best of all, every purchase you make is unconditionally guaranteed.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

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