We Love This Math-You Will Too!

There is a sort of cosmic beauty to gaffers tape, a product that certainly does not bring the cosmos to mind when you hear the term.

That relates to the way it is packaged. Even though there are four different sizes, a full case of any of those sizes fit in exactly the same size box.

Not only is this convenient for storage and palletizing, it also allows a savy user to order multiple sizes and still get the order to fit into a standard sized box. That can mean really serious savings if you don’t have to pay shipping on a second box.

Here is how it works

A case of gaffers tape fits in a standard box that is approximately 13″ x 13″ x13″.

One inch gaffers tape is packaged 48 rolls per case.

Two inch gaffers tape is packaged 24 rolls per case.

Three inch gaffers tape is packaged 16 rolls per case.

Four inch gaffers tape is packaged 12 rolls per case.

That means that the same size box (13″ x 13″ x 13″) holds exactly the same amount of tape (as measured in square inches of surface are) regardless of which size you get.

It also means that, for example, you can combine 12 rolls of two inch tape and 8 rolls of three inch tape in the same box.

That one is a simple calculation, but, as you can easily see, the combinations are pretty close to infinite when you start mixing both widths and colors.

Do a little math before you order. You can save big?

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