Tape Tips

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Here are some useful tape tips

When pulling up a cable that has been taped down, never pull the cable up through the tape.

Ripping the cable through cloth tape will always leave adhesive on your cable.

Remove the tape first.

Nothing sticks to tape like tape. Pressing two pieces

of tape together, adhesive-to-adhesive almost always

guarantees a permanent bond. Take care to not

let the sticky side of your tape touch itself while you

are applying it.

Sometimes tape isn’t the best solution for the problem.

Try Velcro  One Wrap Straps  and tie line when you want to be

able to do the same job over and over again.

They’re reusable.

Bring dried out masking tape back to life by microwaving it for ten seconds.

The adhesive will become sticky again.


Tired of seeing your tape go home in somebody else’s

tool box? Try writing your name on the inside of the

core. It will be there until the last inch is used.

Better yet, try a unique color that no one else on

the job site will have.

We offer gaffers tape in nineteen colors.

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