Gaffers Tape For Labels

Gaffers Tape From

While not as common as being used for securing cables, making labels with gaffers tape has some advantages over paper label tape.

Much like paper tape, gaffers tape can be written on with a Sharpie or other permanent marker. The coating on gaffers tape keeps the marker from smudging, and the texture of the woven tape also lends itself to being written on.

Gaffers tape is available in many more colors than paper tape, so using gaffers tape for making color coded labels has a lot more options.

Durability is a feature of gaffers tape that gives it a big advantage over paper labeling tape. It is stronger, has a more aggressive adhesive, and is more able to stand up to dirt, moisture and sunlight.

Because it is made from woven cloth, gaffers tape will tear in a straight line. Paper tape requires a cutting tool if you need clean edges.

Finally, gaffers tape is better if you have only a single tape to use. It will work in many more applications than paper tape will.
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