Gaffers Tape-Expensive And Worth It

Gaffers Tape From

There’s no arguing that gaffers tape costs a lot of money. It is made from expensive raw materials, is complicated to manufacture, and difficult to find.

Still, any theater, film, or video pro knows that there is no substitute.

Made from woven cotton cloth, and utilizing a complicated artificial rubber adhesive, gaffers tape is designed to be strong, handle easily, and leave no tape residue when removed.

Offered in many colors and widths, it can be found on every stage, video and film set, and concert venue. Used primarily for temporarily securing cables, it can also be used for securing lighting, marking performance areas, and in every kind of repair imaginable. Filmmakers and videographers prize its matte finish which can make it all but invisible in a camera shot.

It has a vinyl coating that makes it waterproof, but it can still be written on with a Sharpie marker or other marking pen. It is thin and conformable to uneven shapes, yet thick enough to give it real strength when durability is an issue.

Unlike its less expensive cousin, duct tape, gaffers tape’s artificial rubber adhesive removes cleanly and won’t damage painted surfaces.

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