Cold Weather Gaffing

Shurtape Professional Grade Gaffers Tape From

Utility grade gaffers tape works well in almost all environments, but there is one situation in particular where you may need something better.

I am talking about Shurtape Professional Grade gaffers tape

It has a specially formulated adhesive that performs well in low temperatures. Film and video makers who work outside during the winter prize its ability to stick, hold and stay flexible even in extreme temperatures.

Known for many years as Permacel 672, this specialty product is now made by the Arts & Entertainment division of Shurtape, one of the largest manufacturers of cloth adhesive backed tapes in the world.

This tape feels stiffer to the touch than utility grade gaffers tape, but it is still easy to handle, hand tearable and can be written on. The special adhesive holds well and the vinyl coated cloth backing is waterproof.

Professional Grade gaffers tape is particularly durable and can be used where abrasion is a problem or where the tape will stay in place for a long time.

Yes, it is more expensive than other gaffers tape, but in a “must hold” situation, it can’t be beat.

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