30 Yards Is NOT The New Gaffers Tape Standard

Red Gaffers Tape From TheTapeworks.com

Standard length gaffers tape has been 55 yards long for many years. Recently, a number of suppliers who sell gaffers tape have been offering non-standard length rolls (usually 30 yards) to customers who might not realize the difference

More than one gaffers tape brand is advertising a very low roll price for two inch gaffers tape, failing to state up front that their rolls are only 30 yards long. Sometimes you have to drill very far down into their websites before you find this info.

We are proud to represent the two best known gaffers tape in the business-Pro Tape and Shurtape, and their roll length for standard colors is 55 yards.

Make sure that you are getting what you pay for by insuring that the length of the roll is not something you discover AFTER you make your purchase.