Gaffers Tape Uses

Gaffers Tape Uses and Applications

Real gaffers tape like Pro Gaff is essential for productions, concerts, shows and performances.
Audio video professionals, photographers, stage managers, and event producers depend on gaffers tape.
Gaffers tape is easy to tear, conforms to irregular shapes and surfaces and has a matte surface.
This makes gaffers tape the go-to tape for many production uses and tasks.

Cable Management - Gaffers tape is used to secure audio and video cables safely to floors and other surfaces.

Stage Marking - Gaffers tape is used to mark positions on stages, sets and performace areas.

Set and Prop Preparation - Gaffers tape has a non-reflective matt surface which doesn't reflect light.
This non-reflective surface makes gaffers tape useful for many on set and location tasks like securing and hiding cables and set decorating.

Lighting and Sound - Gaffers tape is great for temporary on set tasks like securing lighting bounce cards and microphones.

Safety Marking - Gaffers tape is available in bright and neon colors which can be used to designate and label equipment and secure areas.

Book Binding - Gaffers tape is strong and the tape backing is cotton cloth which works well for book binding.

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