Gaffers Tape vs. Duct Tape

Gaffers Tape vs Duct Tape - What's the Difference?

At first glance, duct tape and gaffers tape look very similar, but they are actually very different in many important ways.

Gaffers Tape vs Duct Tape - Fabric

Gaffers tape is made from woven cotton cloth.
Woven cotton cloth means that gaffers tape will tear cleanly and can be cut to any length without cutting tools.

Duct tape is is made from fabric coated with a polyethylene resin.
Tearing duct tape will usually lead to a ragged edge and will cause the tape to delaminate from the adhesive.

Gaffers Tape vs Duct Tape - Adhesive

Gaffers tape has a high quality synthetic adhesive.
The adhesive on true gaffers tape, like Pro Gaff, is designed to remove cleanly and not leave behind adhesive residue.
It comes cleanly off whatever surface you use it on and leaves your cables clean and adhesive free.

Duct tape adhesive is made from organic latex rubber.
The adhesive on duct tape can leave behind a sticky adhesive residue which can damage surfaces and cause adhesive residue buildup on cables and cords.

Gaffers Tape vs Duct Tape - Finish

Gaffers tape has a matte (flat) finish which does not reflect much light.
That makes it very useful on stages and sets where you don't want to call attention to the tape.

Duct tape has a vinyl top surface that is shiny.
That makes in stand out in environments where you may not want the audience or the viewer to see it.

Gaffers Tape vs Duct Tape - Uses

Gaffers tape is the preferred tape for audio visual professionals, theatrical productions, event producers and photographers.
Gaffers tape is used to secure cables, mark stages, label equipment and for temporary repairs and it won't leave adhesive residue behind.
Gaffers tape is water and heat resistant, making it the ideal tape for indoor and outdoor events and video and film sets.
Gaffers tape is the go-to tape in multiple locations such as film sets, events, theaters, trade shows, photo studios, gyms and dance studios.

Duct tape is handy for semi-permanent repairs and temporary waterproofing.
Duct tape is used on items and in locations where residual adhesive left behind does not pose a problem.

Gaffers Tape vs Duct Tape - Cost

Real Gaffers tape, like Pro Gaff, is more expensive than Duct tape.
This cost difference is due to the professional quality of Gaffers tape and the important jobs it handles in the audio visual and arts industries.

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